Living the Country Life: 28 Truths about Living in the Country

By: Alison Bos


Yes, I know there are a lot of posts like this floating around out there. There are several different scenarios that define us country folk. However, I felt like it was time to put a Missouri twist on this and tell the world about how it is growing up in the country in rural southwest Missouri. I know that you country people all around the world can relate to most, if not all, of these truths. Being country is a true blessing, there is no doubt! 71486_10200886065815955_913961266_n

Whether you grew up in the country, you still live in the country or both, you know there are things that make us different. There are some things that make us stand out. Yes, there are stereotypes. Yes, there are those out there who give country a bad name. However, we cannot let these things get in the way of being proud of our lifestyle. This list could have easily gone to 100 truths, but I decided to stop at 28. As you read this, I encourage you to take a trip down memory lane or just take a moment to appreciate the country lifestyle. Feel free to comment to add to this list because I know there are so many more truths about living the country life.

So, sit back and enjoy these 28 truths about living the country life.

1. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, prettier or more refreshing than being able to look up at a star-filled sky. No smog, no city lights – just the glow of billions of stars against a clear, black sky. On nights of a full moon, well that meant the opportunity for a moonlight horseback ride or just another excuse to have a bonfire.

2. You looked forward to the months of May and June. Not just because of warmer weather, but because it meant hay season. That meant driving the back roads with your windows down so you can fully enjoy the smell of freshly cut hay. We all know there really is no better smell than that! 975738_10201201608424323_1289800375_n

3. Even though it may add 10 extra minutes on your drive time (also known as taking the scenic route), you would drive as many back roads as possible to get to your destination so you would not have to deal with heavy traffic and crazy drivers. Plus, this gave you the chance to enjoy the country scenery. 20140131-210345.jpg

4. To this day, you cannot stand drinking “city water.” The only water you would drink came from a well. There is nothing better than that stuff!

5. While we are talking about drinking water, you do not care what “experts” say about the dangers of drinking from a water hose. You do/did it anyways because it is just SO good.

6. You have been stopped by two or more locals stopped in the middle of the road talking. Do you get annoyed? No. Shoot, in most cases you turn your flashers on, get out and go join the conversation.

7. Family gatherings, weddings and other major get-together were planned around the following: chore time, huntin’ season, calving season, harvest season, etc. That is just how things are done. Cranberry

8. A date night between a country girl and a country guy did not consist of dressing up on going downtown to a fancy restaurant in a big city. A good date night consists of either going to a local movie theatre, drive-in, cruising the back roads, going fishing, sitting around a bonfire or just hanging out on the tailgate of a pick-up truck.

9. When you got behind a tractor, combine or other piece of farm equipment on a road, you never get mad or annoyed. You actually kind of enjoyed it because you did not mind admiring a good piece of farm equipment. untitled

10. You did not go to the city pool to cool off on a hot summer day. You went to the closest creek. funnycisco

11. Your idea of fun on a snow day did not mean going to some small hill and sledding down it a few times. Your idea of fun usually involves trucks, 4-wheelers or horses pulling a sled (or something similar) in a wide open field. 1463025_10202501721966349_1679051367_n

12. You literally cannot stand being confined in a big city, or any city for that matter. Big cities drive you insane – sirens, car horns, traffic, etc. You just are constantly ready to get back home where you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

13. Unfortunately, living in the country meant dealing with people dumping random things. Dogs, cats, goats, couches, TV’s, trash, you name it. However, even though the stuff was not yours, you still take care of it. (You have taken in more stray animals than anybody else you know.)

Yes, we had someone dump a goat close to our farm. So, we took her in.

Yes, we had someone dump a goat close to our farm. So, we took her in.

14. Quality family and/or friend bonding time occurred at the following: hauling hay, hunting Morel mushrooms, fishing, gathering walnuts and cutting wood. Even though some of these things are not exactly “fun,” you actually looked forward to them because you get to spend time with people you really care about. 23652_1430318800012_154699_n

15. Living in the country meant you did not trick-or-treat like kids in the city did on Halloween. Trick-or-treating meant loading up in the family car and driving countless miles to all of your neighbors. If you did not show up, they would be calling asking where you were.1379944_10202138596528440_472048931_n

16. You always look/looked out for you neighbor. If they had cows out, you stop to help get them put back in. If they had a tractor break down, you would offer them yours. If they needed help getting hay hauled in before the rain came, you would drop what you were doing to go help.

17. When there is crime going on, country people really come together. Thieves and trespassers are NOT tolerated. Neighbors look out for neighbors; it is as simple as that. 5342_201789796644687_27104960_n

18. There is seriously nothing more beautiful or amazing than a country sunrise or a country sunset. You can never imagine not living somewhere where you could not enjoy either of these. sunset

19. You knew how to drive far before the legal age of 15. You could drive the farm truck, tractor or 4-wheeler “like a boss.” 20131122-121739.jpg

20. The sound of frogs, crickets, owls, coyotes, etc. are like music to your ears. Those sounds beat the hustle and bustle of the city any day. Speaking of music, country music really is where it’s at.

21. When neighbors would hear you got something new – new tractor, new farm equipment, new cows, new horse, new car, etc. – they would find an excuse to come over so they could check it out.  Bambi

22. Hunting season, especially deer and turkey, is like a major holiday. 1477933_10152084328280362_542341466_n

23. Being involved in 4-H and FFA is an honor and is something you just do. FFA_24

24. This is how you could tell time without a watch or looking at a cell phone: when the school bus would go by; when the cows started moving; the noon whistle (all of my Billings, Mo. readers will understand this!); when the neighbor dog would return from his rounds; this list could go on and on.

25. There was no better meal than that of one prepared by your mama or a country girl. Fried chicken, fresh fish caught from the local pond, mashed potatoes, vegetables from the garden, sweet sun tea from a Mason jar, homemade ice cream and blackberry cobbler. That is how it is done in the country. 1063582_10201269437240001_237994884_n

26. Going to school meant several things. A) being tardy because a train stopped you, you got behind farm equipment, you had trouble with your livestock, etc., were totally acceptable. B) You had to drive a minimum of 5 miles to even get to school. C) You have driven your tractor and/or rode a horse to school on at least one occasion. D) If you rode the bus, you usually were the first one on in the mornings and the last one on at night.

27. You realize you will never leave. Country is in your blood. You want your kids to enjoy the country life and you know deep down in your heart that there is no way you could live anywhere else. 1461195_10202426154797217_804234034_n

28. You fully understand that being country is not defined by your wardrobe, what you drive or your hobbies. Being country is a lifestyle and is a true privilege. Yes there are some out there who think they are “country;” however, you know in your heart that you are country through and through. You have no doubt that country defines you now and always. 935761_10201016928285343_2095876359_n

As you can see, the country lifestyle is pretty unique. There definitely is nothing like it. Being born a country girl is something I thank God constantly for, and I am sure the rest of you country girls and boys think the same way. 1010051_10201357392398825_1969740970_n

I hope you enjoyed this new list of truths about the country life. If you can relate, please share this with your friends! Let’s show everyone just how lucky we are to be true country folk.

Until next time, and God Bless You All!



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