Dear America… A Letter from a Middle Class Rural American

Posts similar to this one have been surfacing all over social media in response to the way some Americans are acting regarding the results of this year’s historical and unforgettable election. The protests, violent acts and irrationality taking place are down right saddening and disheartening. So, being an opinionated writer/blogger who values my rights and also loves this country, wanted to write a letter to my fellow Americans. And no, this is not a post to praise the winner and degrade the loser. It is not a post to disrespect either candidate. Rather, this is a post to call all of us to accept, unite and hope for a brighter future.


Dear America,

The election is over. No more annoying political ads (thank goodness) and no more continuous posts on social media about why one candidate is better than the other. The votes are in and we now know who will be leading our nation for the next four years. The majority has spoken and whether you like it or not, Donald Trump is our next President. Hillary Clinton, along with other candidates, lost. It is as simple as that.

Unfortunately, some cannot accept this raw fact. Some are deciding to “rebel” by protesting, rioting and making a hashtag go viral on social media sites. They say they are simply exercising their right to freely speak; however, what really is there to protest? What law has been broken? And lastly, how are these irrational and irresponsible actions going to change the outcome? How is this behavior going to better our future? What kind of example are you setting? Yes, you show passion about how you are feeling. But, the question must again be asked, what are you trying to attain here and how are these actions going to change the outcome?

There is no doubt I love this country and what it represents. However, when I watch the news or scroll through my Facebook and Twitter feeds and see my fellow Americans acting so violently and unreasonable, I cannot help but be saddened by what is unfolding around this nation. Instead of acting UNITED as one nation, we are creating division. Instead of showing the world and future generations how lucky we are to have a democracy and the right to vote, we are showing weakness and unrest. Americans, no matter what our beliefs/lifestyles or no matter who we wish was in office, we must always remember the concept that is our greatest strength: Being united as one nation, under God.

Has this election proven to be one that we will not soon forget? Definitely. Did we all have our own preference of who we wanted in office? Of course. Are there are some of us who were going to be disappointed by the results? Yes. Are there some of us who are excited about the results? Yes. Obviously this would be the situation no matter what election year it is. It is the same scenario every four years. There is disappointment and there is hope. But, there is always one question that we all can agree on. Is there uncertainty of what the future holds? Absolutely.

You see, there is nobody who can predict the future. None of us know what is going to happen or how our lives may be affected. All these posts about how rights will be taken away or all the negative scenarios that MIGHT happen are nothing more than speculations.

Please be reminded that the American government is set up so that one person cannot make all decisions and change all policies. There is a checks and balances system in place to prevent this. Your voice will still be heard through representatives elected to represent you. You will still have outlets available for you to voice your concerns. My point is that speculation means nothing. Pointing fingers and labeling groups will get you nowhere. Predictions are not facts. Past statements made do not necessarily mean those scenarios will come true. Dwelling on the “what should have been” will not lead to the future you hoped for. Having a negative outlook on the future is just going to infringe your ability to enjoy the life and rights you have presently been granted. We do not know what the future holds – we never do when a new President takes office. If you truly think about it, we never even know what the future holds for tomorrow, which is why we must always make the most of each day. I can assure you that by being negative, violent and divided is not the answer. As Americans, we must cling to optimism, strive for unity and live life with the mentality to be better. Be humble. Be kind. Demonstrate respect.

And while I have your attention (and hopefully have you thinking), those of you – especially the media- who are blaming the uneducated, white rural Americans  for what happened? Shame on you. You cannot point blame on one facet of our population for the outcome. Every eligible U.S. citizen had the opportunity to cast their vote. We exercised our right just like many of you did. We voted for the candidate we thought would best lead the country – just like you did. Some of us may have even voted for the same person you supported. The election results are not our fault. Using stereotypes and false accusations about this group of people (myself included) is not fair or reasonable. Plus, throwing the term “uneducated” in is completely ludicrous. I can assure you that if you knew people of this community, you would quickly realize we are not dumb. We do not fit the stereotypes you may have in your mind. We are the ones responsible for feeding you. We manage farms in an efficient and effective manner to be sure you and your family have an abundant and affordable food supply. You cannot judge or belittle us, or any person for that manner, by who we voted for. We are hard-working Americans who make a living by producing food and fiber. Please show some respect and enough with the labels and stereotypes.

Bottom line, if you are not happy with the election results, it is time to suck it up, accept what is and have faith that our country is headed in a direction of prosperity, strength and hope.

America, let’s move forward. Let’s be open-minded. Quit showing weakness and division. Stop showing hate to people just because they voted differently than you. Life is not perfect and there are going to be several times when things don’t work out the way you wanted it to. Disappointment is inevitable. Uncertainty is guaranteed. It all boils down to how you choose to deal with it.

One person is not going to change this nation. The truth of the matter is, we the people are the ones who can make a change, for better or worse. We are the ones who can choose to come together and work for a better America or we can choose to be divided and make life miserable. It really is up to us.

Let’s show respect for our government leaders and for each other. Let’s move past the doubt and surge forward with the mindset of making this country a better place for years to come.


A Middle Class, Farm Raised, Proud Rural American

P.S. – Do not forget to say a prayer for this nation and our future. Pray for our leaders so they will work together to make decisions that will be fair, equal and constitutional.

We WILL be just fine America. You just have to believe it. 

Until next time…



I believe in our future. Do you?



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