I’m sure there are many of you who have a pet (or pets) that are a major part of your life. For me, I am fortunate to have dogs and horses that I hold very dear to my heart. One of my dogs; however, holds a very special place. She is a 2-year old miniature Australian Shepherd named Zoey.

A few summers ago, I decided I was going to save up money to buy a puppy that I could train to go with my family and I on camping trips. I really wanted an Australian Shepherd, so I began the search. I would check Craiglist, local newspapers and websites every day and not find any that I could afford or that I liked. One day, as I was on www.puppyfinder.com, I found the CUTEST aussie puppy. She was a mini, but she was in my price range and was located in Gravette, Ark., which is only a couple hours away from me. It was fate!

After convincing my parents to let me have her, my mom, my sister and I made the journey to northwest Arkansas to pick up my puppy. (My mom was not really fond of me getting a new dog but she did not want me driving there by myself.) So we went to Arkansas and picked up miss Zoey. Little did I know, she would turn into one of the best dogs ever.

My whole plan of having Zoey as a camping dog fell through. She did not get as big as I thought. Now, she is a 20 pound dog who makes her home in my house along with my family’s other four dogs. (My parents did not exactly like that either, but how can you leave her outside??) If she was a human, she would be a true blonde. Zoey is clumsy—runs into things, trips over herself, just does wierd stuff, she thinks she’s the queen dog of the house, barks like crazy at our big lab for no apparent reason and jumps sky-high at every loud noise. Even though she does these things, she NEVER leaves my side when I am at home. Zoey is the first one to greet me at the door and always makes smile/laugh at some of the crazy stuff she does. When I am sick, she lays with me all day long. She is legit, that is all there is to say.

As I write this post, with Zoey in my lap, I can help but think of how this little dog impacts this 22-year old college girls life. With the stress that college puts on me, it is so nice to have Zoey to make me feel better no matter what.

I know she is just a dog (some of you probably think she’s more like my kid), but I just thought I would share about my little aussie. Do you have a dog, cat or other animal who is your “Zoey?” If so, I would love to hear!!!!

Thanks for reading and until next time…

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