As many of you know (and for those who don’t), I am the middle child in my family. I have two sisters, one who is 24 and the other who is 17. You are probably wondering why the title of this post is “Twins?,” but that is what I am going to talk about in this post. You see, my sisters and I all resemble each other. Everybody who sees us together always tell my parents, “Well the apple did not fall too far from the tree.” That is true; however when it comes to my older sister and I, many think we are identical twins. We are both 6-feet tall, blonde-headed and tan. We sound just alike and from a distance, look just alike. Even though we are 2 1/2 years apart, we are constantly asked, “Are you twins?” I am often mistaken for my oldest sister; called by her name, or asked how I am enjoying the married life.

Since we look so much alike, there are several stories that could be told. We played high school basketball together for two years. Her number was 24 and my number was 42. We majorly confused our opponents as well as those who kept stats. My sister was a very good basketball player. She broke several records at our high school (scoring over 2,000 points and representing Billings in tournaments and teams all across the state). She went on to play 3 years at Drury University in Springfield on a full-ride scholarship. When it comes to my basketball playing abilities, well let’s just say I was average. 😛 I focused more on showing dairy cows and horses growing up, and basketball was not really my thing.

As you can see from our pictures, it is obvious that we resemble each other. A LOT. The only major difference in our physical appearance is that her eyes are blue and mine are green. Yes, we do look alike and sound alike, but I can assure you we are not twins. We are the complete opposite when it comes to interests and activities. She is in college studying physical education and is inspiring to become a coach. I am studying agriculture and am inspiring to become an influential person in the agriculture industry. She loves to spend more time indoors and likes to shop, while I am an outdoor type of girl through and through. She does not really like riding horses or being around cattle, whereas horses and cattle is where my heart is. She is more outspoken, while I am more reserved and independent. When people ask me about us, I always call her the city version, and tell them I am the country version. We share a lot of differences which is something a lot of people are surprised about. We look so much alike, yet live completely different lifestyles.

So this week, my “AG” ventures have led me to share with you the story that people often are interested in. Even though we are opposites in many things, we are still very close. We share a sister-to-sister relationship that a lot of people are jealous of. Don’t think I am forgetting about my little sister. The older she gets, the mroe she looks like us and the closer we get. Soon, I am going to be writing a post that is titled “Triplets?” I am very blessed to have 2 wonderful sisters. Yes, there are some days that we cannot be put in the same room, but we would not be normal if that was not the case.

So take a moment to think about your siblings and the special bonds you share. Siblings are a truly a gift. Plus in my life, they are a way to strike up conversations in all places when people ask the same question. “Are you girls twins?”

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